Incentive Groups


Customize your sailing experience with us... Whether you're a wedding party, incentive group or just a couple of friends wanting to get together for something special, a private charter would be an excellent choice. Private charters offer you the privacy of having a boat to yourself and the freedom of designing a tour, with our help... to your preference.


We can accommodate a small group of twelve and under to a larger group of up to ninety passengers. If you're going to be staying in a hotel or visiting Antigua for a day on a cruise ship, Treasure Island Cruises with its fun and experienced crew will take care of your private charter needs.


Making a Reservation

To help us provide you with the best possible charter, please take a few moments to tell us what you would like on your day of sailing with us.

Private Charters
Would you like to customize a charter for a group? Please fill out our Private Charter Request Form below.
Standard Tour
Join us on a regular tours (Cades Reef, Bird Island or Circumnavigation)
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