Frequently Asked Questions


(Q) What, in general, does a full day tour include?

(A) Each full day tour includes sailing, snorkeling, snacks, lunch, an open bar and a great crew to entertain you.


(Q) How long are the full day tours?

(A) The length of a full day tour ranges between 6 to 7 hours, depending on your pick-up / drop-off point. - What is the standard menu for full day tours? Menu is: Rice & peas, pasta, vegetables, barbecue or creole chicken. Lobster is offered with the Bird Island Cruise only.


(Q) Can I make a special meal request for reasons of health or diet?

(A) Yes. We do provide special meals by request for reasons of health or dietary preferences that you may have. Depending on the request, however, this may be done at an additional cost to you.


(Q) What drinks are served at the bar during the full day cruise?

(A) Non-alcoholic beverages are served throughout the day from the moment the cruise starts. These include water, local drinks, and sodas. Alcoholic beverages are served after snorkeling and include beer, rum punch, brandy, vodka and gin.


(Q) Is there live entertainment on all tours?

(A) Live Cultural Entertainment (featuring steel band music) is provided on the Cades Reef Cruise only.


(Q) Am I required to pay for anything while on the cruise?

(A) Snacks, lunch, beverages and snorkeling gear are all part of your package. However, you can purchase our post cards, a genuine Treasure Island Cruises "Antigua Me Come From" T-Shirt, or any of our paraphernalia.