Antigua is one of the few islands where a circumnavigation tour is not just a tour around the island but an event in itself. This is because of its indented coastline, which offers an exciting sail while learning about dozens of historical sights and landmarks such as Long Island, Devil's Bridge, the Pillars of Hercules, and Nelson's Dockyard.


This tour starts on the west coast, making its way north to Green Island - which is the largest uninhabited island in the North Sound National Park. On our way there, the Captain's commentary will include information on the Prickly Pear Island, Long Island, Devil's Bridge and several other interesting landmarks. The sheer beauty of this magnificent Park will be one of the crowning moments of your tour.


Green Island offers great snorkeling in shallow waters. Here you'll be sure to see some spectacular display of marine life, and there is a possibility of you seeing the beautiful Hawksbill Turtle. Enjoy a swim or just relax on the beach before indulging in a delicious feast of Caribbean cuisine.

After lunch, the tour continues around the east coast and south-eastern coastline for a scenic sea tour of spectacular Nelson's Dockyard. On leaving the dockyard, you will cruise down the southern coastline where you will view the beautiful, green, volcanic landscape of the southern part of Antigua, broken only by breath-taking, white, sandy beaches.


Enjoy a laugh and meet new friends, while the crew joins you in a grand party on the way back to your hotel!